• ISC Implant-Strategy

    Through ISC's trademarked Implant Strategy we integrate ourselves into the optimised processes of the client by organising a partial or complete transfer of operations in order to leverage the specific know-how of both enterprises (e.g. taking on a logistics department on ISC payroll, etc).
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  • Transparent cost structure

    Our cost structure remains very competitive against other service providers (including 3PLs) and is dependent on the scope of work and complexity of the project. On average, we bring total supply chain cost savings of 10% for our clients.
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  • What we offer

    Our clients' core competencies are the development, production and sales of their products. Similarly, our core competence is the optimisation and control of the supply chain, including material, information and cash flows. By focusing on what we do best, we are able to work with our clients to maximise their competitive advantage, bringing on average, cost savings of 10%.
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Minimising risk, maximising cost savings

We select, control and benchmark the best-in-class logistics partners on a day-to-day basis for every task, location and region to exceed the customers supply chain needs.
Implement the technology infrastructure to provide visibility, identify bottlenecks, monitor and control transport movements, benchmark carrier performance across the world and initiate a continuous improvement process (CIP) via a Control Tower.
Analyse complete requirements of the customer when making RFQs service levels required for the various modes of transport, rates, security and compliance issues, thereby making shipment of goods from A to B most efficient.
Streamline and re-engineer the entire supply chain to achieve complete optimisation and efficiency.