Case Study C

In order to respect the confidential nature of the data contained in this case study, we have chosen to omit the company name.

Previously, the client organised the entire logistics chain in-house. Due to the increased growth and complexity of the supply chain, the client encountered serious problems. Most importantly, their warehouses were becoming overloaded. Often, there was no space and as a result it took excessive time to find parts and deliveries, resulting in large bottlenecks that affected business. The client was looking for a long-term solution to tackle these difficulties and, at the same time, be prepared for growth.

We took over the operational execution of the entire logistics chain through our Implant model. The client now has one point of contact for the entire logistics chain. We have since re-engineered warehouse processes and the transportation networks, removing bottlenecks and managing inventory efficiently. We successfully introduced and ran the spare parts warehouse, then, after some time, merged it with the production warehouse, which had been previously run by the customer. In doing so, we now have one warehouse, saving the client substantial costs and ensuring spare parts are available to meet after-sales and production needs. Through a continuous improvement process, we now work with the client to solve all logistics challenges. We are, and continue to be, the client’s 4PL expert.

There was a seamless transition as we took over the supply chain operations through our Implant Strategy. Since the project began, we have achieved:

Overall supply chain cost savings of 15% per year