Case Study B

In order to respect the confidential nature of the data contained in this case study, we have chosen to omit the company name.

With two production sites in the USA and the UK, two major component sites in China, and two major suppliers in Korea, the client had a very long and complex supply chain that was difficult to manage out of Switzerland, where the head office is based. Also, through a wide variety of products in many locations, the client faced Tax/VAT issues, which meant their product deliveries were often delayed. The client chose us to take over the entire logistics process, including the transportation movement and freight invoicing and control.

Immediately, we set up a logistics cockpit and control centre in Switzerland from which to orchestrate improvements and monitor the entire length of the supply chain, including movements spanning to and from the UK, USA, Korea, Hong Kong and China. Our operations are focused on cost optimisation, improving security and reporting, and improving the reliability of getting parts to the production plant.

To this extent, long distance shipments are carefully analysed and divided into sea and air freight accordingly. We have also improved security and reporting to ensure a constant product flow and to minimise supply chain interruptions, including solving the existing tax/VAT issues. We have trained the logistics department to handle operations to continue to optimise the supply chain. We are, and continue to be, the client’s 4PL expert.

There has been a smooth transfer of logistics operations from the client to our team via the trademarked Implant strategy. We now achieve:

– Direct supply chain cost savings of 15% per year
– Increase of delivery reliability close to 100%
– Through proactive coaching, we continue to smoothen the client’s operations along the supply chain